Our Frames

The worlds leader for tension fabric frames and light boxes with silicone edge fabric graphics. Since the beginning matrix frame has been manufacturing aluminium frames, lightboxes, accessories and silicon edge fabric graphics for retailers, exhibitors museums and corporate environments around the world, and since this is all they do, they do it better than anyone!

Matrix frame has always been considered the pioneer of the SEG industry and continues to set the standard by being the first to the market with several industry changing innovations, including curved and custom shaped light boxes and frames that can tilt and turn, magnetic shelving accessories and tv monitor units, just to name a few.

In partnership with Matrix Frame, our commitment to continued innovation and the creative capabilities to realise just about any display imaginable, we will help you get to where you want to go!

Need fitting?

Need your frames fitting? We have this covered within our company, please speak to us.

The Matrix

  1. Profile 26 and 32

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  2. Matrix RD

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  3. Lightbox 120 Wall Mounted

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  4. Retail Accessories

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  5. Screen Module

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  6. Profile 200

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